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Utah's Dustless Blasting Service Provider


Master Blaster Surface Prep and Paint LLC offers Utah affordable, mobile, dustless blasting and painting services.




We pride ourselves in offering valuable dustless blasting service to our customers at more affordable prices than our competitors.  Not only will we come to you, but our dustless blasting service is generally faster and makes much less mess than other blasting services.


We utilize state of the art equipment that eliminates disadvantages found with other blasting systems.  Dustless blasting is safe on metals, brick, concrete, stone, fiberglass, wood, and just about anything else you may need rust or coatings stripped from.  This new technology is not only faster than other forms of blasting, but it also keeps dust grounded providing a safer, cleaner, environment.  Dustless blasting produces no sparks, making it a safe form of blasting around grease, oil and other flammables.


Our service is beneficial in many different fields:


Auto Restoration

Log Home Restoration

Industrial Maintenance/Restoration

Graffiti Removal

Monument Restoration

Paint Stripping

Rust Removal

Architectural Restoration




Our system is environmentally responsible!  Rather than requiring natural resources to be mined from earth scarring quarries and pits as other blasting medias do, we use recycled bottle glass that would have ended up in a landfill.  We are even able to recycle our recycled material using it over and over again!  This method is approved by the EPA and is safe to health and our environment!  If that wasn't enough, our vehicles run 100% on natural gas, which is arguably the cleanest and most environmentally responsible fuel currently available.


We are keeping Utah clean and green.





Why not sandblasting?  Sand blasting has several known disadvantages.


    Sandblasting can cause warping and deep pitting in metal.  It can cause unwanted pitting and deterioration to brick, block, stone, concrete, wood, and fiberglass.  Sand blasting is simply too aggressive.


    Dust plumes are commonly associated with sand blasting. This causes major cleanup projects and severe health hazards unless expensive containment measures are taken.


    Sandblasting can cause sparks which can ignite nearby combustibles including oils, and grease which may exist on the surface.



Why not sodablasting?  Soda blasting has iseveral known disadvantages.


    Sodablasting is generally a slower process.  More time usually translates to more cost.


    A very large disadvantage with using soda is that most paint companies will not warranty a paint job on any surface known to have been soda blasted.  This is because soda is alkaline and most paints are acidic.  This causes a neutralizing reaction and the paint bond prematurely fails and peels or flakes.  Whether you are interested in a warranty or not you likely want the paint job to be lasting.


    It is important to note that if soda is being used outdoors that it harms and even kills grass and other plants by effecting the ph balance of the soil.


    Dust plumes are commonly associated with soda blasting. This causes major cleanup projects and can cause severe health hazards unless expensive containment measures are taken.





Master Blaster Surface Prep and Paint LLC- Utah's Dustless Blasting Service Provider