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Master Blaster

Whether you need dustless blasting for your personal car or a fleet of commercial vehicles, Master Blaster offers unbeatable  service at affordable Prices.


Dustless Blasting is drastically faster than sanding and traditional blasting methods. Because the water reduces friction and prevents heat, there is no risk of warping like there is with sandblasting.  Additionally our Rust Inhibitor removes chlorides from the surface, leaving a perfect paint ready surface.






• Much Faster than Sanding

• Faster than Sand & Soda blasting

• Non-Sparking

• Non-Warping

• Depaint and Degrease all in One Step

• Deep Rust Removal

• Eco-Friendly

• Inhibits Rust for 72 Hours

• Paint Ready Surface (unlike soda blasting)

• No Dust Plumes (unlike sand blasting)



Master Blaster Surface Prep and Paint LLC- Utah's Dustless Blasting Service Provider